Ch. Bayside South St. Strutter                                   Ch. Lakeshore's One Fine Day
           "Strutter"                                                                   "Pfeiffer"

Lakeshore's One Fine Day

Breeders:     Sharon & David Rogers       
Whelp Date:  
May 21, 2007    3 Boys ~ 1 Black, 1 Liver, No Patches, 2 Bi-Lateral, 1 Uni, 1 Blue Eye

We're very excited about this outcross breeding.
Litter Futurity 2008 Nominated

For more information contact Sharon or Dave at

Puppy Pictures:   1st Day   Week 1     Week 2     Week 3     Week 4     Week 5     Week 6     Week 7     Week 8






 Ch. Bayside's South Street Strutter

BAER Bilateral
CERF-Normal, No ISD
Thyroid Normal
vWD - Clear
Heart - Certified Normal
OFA- Normal

Ch. Ravin's Top Grade (L)

Am/Can Ch. Challenge's First Alarm CDX (L)

Ch. Satin's Clown'n Around CDX

Ch. Dottaway's Go For The Gold

Am/Can Ch. Mt Miranda Rights Of Raven


Am/Can Ch. Paisley's Pointblank

Am/Can Ch. Ldy Daps Strsnstryps of D.C. CD

Ch. South St's Fire N Ice CD RE

Ch. Cyncar's Whiz Kid of Croatia

Am/Can Ch. Long Last Perfect for Paisley CD

Ch. Swood-Paisly-Cyncar Me Special

Ch. Smithforged South St Sadie CD

Am/Can Ch. Centurion Jaunty Jim

Ch. Firewag'ns Bobbie Sue

CH. Lakeshore's One Fine Day

BAER Bilateral
OFA Good/ Elbows Normal    CERF Normal - no ISD


Ch KMax Law & Order (L)

BAER Bilateral
OFA Good


CH KMax N Paisley Northern Xposure

BAER Bilateral
OFA Good / Elbows Normal

AM/CAN CH Long Last Perfect For Paisley CD

AM/CAN CH Paisley N Tuck's Eureka

Centurion Ameretto Delight

BAER Bilateral
OFA Good

CH Centurion Barley N' Hops

CH Coachman's Fancy Chocolates

CH Tateland's Take Off

BAER Bilateral
OFA Good

Ch Tateland's Right On Target

BAER Bilateral

Am/Can Ch Alfredrich Handsome Tall 'N Dark

BAER Bilateral
OFA Normal

Ch Princess Perdita Marie

BAER Bilateral

AM/CAN CH Duneland's Miss Charity

CH Moonlight's Rising Son

AM/CAN CH Fireman's Becky Newsham