UOCh, Can MOTCh, CH, OTCh. MACH Lakeshore's The Alvinator UDX 21,

Alvin Here Comes Alvin

Breeders:    Sharon & Dave Rogers Owner & Handler: Elaine Hamill
Whelped: June 6, 1999 Male
Color: Black & White Height: 22 3/4 Weight: 57 lbs
BAER: Bilateral    

Alvin was awarded his AKC Championship from the puppy classes, all owner handled. He won 4 Best of Breeds, 4 Dog World Awards, and 11 High in Trials. He earned 5 Obedience titles by age 15 months!

In 2001, he earned his UD, UCX, and OTCH. He earned Dog World Award #5, 6 High Combineds, 2 more HITs and 43 OTCH points in just ONE MONTH!

There are currently only four Dalmatians that have an OTCH title, and Alvin and his "house brother" Simon (also owned by Elaine Hamel) are two of them. We are so proud of Alvin and Elaine. Go Team Chipmunks!

NEWAlvin has earned another Dalmatian "first"! At the Canin Club De L'Estrie in Sherbrooke, Que, Alvin finished his MOTCh - Master Obedience Trial Champion. He was entered in 2 classes in all 4 trails and won everything - first in all 8 classes and 4 HITs. These wins gave him the necessary points and double Qs to be the first MOTCh Dal. On his last 2 trips to Canada (this weekend and last July), Alvin earned his Can UD and MOTCh undefeated. He won 13 classes in a row, and never failed once in Canada, novice thru MOTCh. He is only the second dog (any breed) from New England to earn this title.

    ALVIN IS A DCA TOP SPOT for 2000!

      Obedience #1 Top Ten Averages
      #1 Novice Title
      #1 Open Title
      #1 Open Competition

    ALVIN IS A DCA TOP SPOT for 2001!

      Obedience #1 Top Ten Averages
      #1 Novice Title
      #1 Open Competition
      #1 Lifetime OTCH Points
      #1 Utility Competition

    ALVIN IS A DCA TOP SPOT for 2002!

      Obedience #1 & #5 Top Ten Averages
      #1 Open Competition
      #1 Utility Competition

Alvin's Pedigree
CH K-Max Law & Order
CH K-Max N Paisley Northern Xposure
AM/CAN CH Long Last Perfect For Paisley CD
CH Sunnyglen's Spencer For Hire
CH Long Last Solar Flare (l)
AM/CAN CH Paisley N Tuck's Eureka
CH Classic All That Jazz
AM/CAN CH Paisley N Tucks A. Hitchcock CD
Centurion Ameretto Delight
CH Centurion Barley N' Hops
AM/BRAZ/INT CH Annle N Berlins Dylan Flyer
Centurion Spencer
CH Coachman's Fancy Chocolates
Coachman's Trump Card
CH Coachman's Zanibar Clove
CH Hollytree Lakeshore Jennasis
CH Tateland's Right On Target
CH Alfredrich Handsome Tall 'N Dark
CH Count Miguel Of Tuckaway
CH Sunkist Singalong
CH Princess Perdita Marie
CH Chelsea-Richelu London
DJ's Mandeline Of Grandeur
Hollytree Dinah CD
AM/CAN CH Igdaliah's M&M Candy Cain CD
CH Count Miguel Of Tuckaway
Igdaliah's Miriam Of Indalane CDX
CH Hollytree's Copper Chealsea UD
CH Merry-Go-Round Cholo O'Chelsea
Touchstone's Hello Holly UD

LAKESHORE'S ALVINATOR, 6-Generation COI = .09766%

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